About 3XPO

We started with specialising on virtual fairs for the education industry. The process and functionalities are built to mimic closely to the real world events. As technology advances and marketing strategies are moving towards online, we believe that our 3D virtual reality platform can help you host the best online fairs, expos or open-day events. Your marketing costs will be reduced drastically and your global market reach is unlimited. Our clients have been education providers, organisations and bodies related to the education industry and students recruitment agencies around the world. But now we have expanded our platform to cover all kind of industries and  able to customised to your needs.

3 X P O comprises a team of professional and experienced event organisers who has run global events  for the past 20 years. We understand every aspect of these events in real situations. 2020 has changed the world and how we live due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to bring the real-life experience to you in the best virtual environment, so that we can continue to succeed in the new normal. Our teams are based in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.”

– Paul T (Director and Co-Founder)

Our Company’s Objectives

  • Providing our clients unlimited global reach to promote their goods and services

  • Creating world-class virtual event platforms

  • Developing the most advanced technology for the virtual world

  • Detailed customisation with simplicity in our user-friendly products

  • Making virtual into reality!